Pescheria Cara mishuku/カーラ三宿 | シチリア料理&ワインバー


Sicilian Cuisine is a Gift of History and Climate

Preparation methods are extremely simple.
Olives, herbs, tomatoes, anchovies and capers play major roles as enhancers.
The quality of the ingredients, brought to you from families and trusted farmers, is readily apparent.
Please enjoy this cuisine filled with the gentleness of wild-caught fish and organic vegetables.



Shop Name: Pescheria Cara mishuku (“Pescheria” means fish shop.)
Stock is procured under the discerning eye of owner’s father, a broker at the Kawasaki North Market.
That’s why the freshness and quality of our stock is unsurpassed!
We only deal in seasonal items and items of particularly good quality on a given day, so it goes without saying that all of our stock is wild-caught! Under no circumstances do we use fishery products.
This is the reason that our fixed menu features few items.


Itoshima, Fukuoka Prefecture – Land of Delicious Cuisine
We receive direct shipments of carefully-selected organic vegetables from contracted growers.
As we only deal in seasonal items, we do not have access to the same varieties of vegetables all year round.
There are some varieties of vegetables that we only get for one week out of the year.
We also receive shipments of rare vegetables that you cannot find in normal restaurants.
Many men, many minds. Vegetables are grown by people, and even the same variety will taste and look different depending on who grew it.
Please enjoy these lovingly-grown vegetables.


2016: The owner/chef became a certified sommelier through the Japan Sommelier Association, thus becoming an owner/chef/sommelier. He is a wine-lover and has visited nearly 150 wineries around the world.
These were valuable times spent experiencing the passion felt by the winemakers for their wines. My recollections of each winery are the feelings of the makers toward their wines.
They make no compromises when preparing soil and maturing wine, and they devote themselves to protecting the grapes from rain and wind. I have selected wines from the wineries where I was able to experience these types of feelings. All the wines have been lovingly crafted.
With the exception of the champagne, all the wines on Cara’s wine list are Sicilian wines.
As an advertisement of sorts for Sicily, our highly-unique and diverse line-up features nearly 60 varieties. I promise to select the perfect bottle to match both your preferences and your meal.


レストラン Restaurant

We are proud of our Sicilian cuisine made using ingredients shipped directly to us each day as well as our Sicilian wines carefully selected by our sommelier.

ケータリング Catering

We can brighten up parties and events with our vivid cuisine made using special, fresh ingredients.

お料理教室 Lesson

We hold lessons in which you can learn to make beautiful southern Italian cuisine (Sicily and Napoli, in particular) surprisingly easily.

レンタルスペース Rental Space

We also provide our restaurant space for rental.